Sheraton Towers

Sheraton Towers are the executive floors in the Sheraton hotels designed for the comfort of frequent business travelers. The message is great service and we chose a simple visual and short copy to convey it.

The Individual

    One of the greatest pleasures in life is simply to be treated as an individual. To speak and be heard. To ask and be helped.
    That's why we created Sheraton Towers. To offer you what you want, when you want it.
    Like much of life, it's just that simple and just that difficult. But we like the challenge. Because meeting it makes life that much more satisfying for all of us.

Sheraton Towers

Where service is anything
you want it to be

Click on the image for a larger one or click here for a 1500-pixel version. There are two other print ads in this campaign, but they've been lost in the sands of time -- which is to admit that I don't collect my work as often as I should.

A story goes along with this ad: I was with DDB Needham when I created this around 1991. I left in 1992 to freelance for three years and when I decided to approach Leo Burnett, I had to put together the first portfolio of my life. I bought a huge and heavy A1 portfolio book that cost me a fortune at the time and I filled it with some of my work.

The executive creative director at Leo Burnett showed me into a conference room, where I heaved my book up on the table. As I was turning the pages and explaining things, I came to a full-size poster of this ad and he stopped me. "You did that? I love that! I never knew who did that! I copied that!" he said, as he walked over to his rack of print ads mounted on foam boards, flipped through them, pulled one out and proved that he really had copied it. And then he hired me.

I worked at Leo Burnett for over six years and became a creative director. I moved into my new office that had a lovely view of the old Kai Tak Airport on the day the planes stopped flying. It was the day Hong Kong movied its airport out to Chek Lap Kok and my thoughts of dreaming up new creative concepts while watching planes land and take off moved with it.

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