Don Ellis

It's a little-known fact that the best copywriters in the world have naturally curly hair. You can trust me on that because it's not the sort of thing I'd just make up.

In 28 years as a copywriter and creative director, I've written print ads, TV commercials, brand campaigns, product and service brochures, direct marketing materials, speeches, PR releases, and invitation letters for a variety of clients.

I write serious, humorous, imaginative, touching and technical copy. I'm good, fast, friendly and curly-haired ... something you now know to look for in a professional.

You can reach me at


One of the strengths I bring to concept development and copywriting is 16 years of experience in business and manufacturing -- where advertising is meant to sell.

I have 19 years of agency experience with DDB Needham, Leo Burnett, and McCann Erickson -- and 9 years with my own company.

You can see some of my older work in my online portfolio -- and I especially enjoyed these two projects.


I edited The God Drug by Mikael Svanstrom. I've also edited two novels and three short-story collections by Leela Devi Panikar and we're still married, so I'm sure I can please you.


Some of my photos are at Kleptography, where you can see how bananas grow, check out preying mantises, visit the pumpkin patch, enter the infrared world, and read my tsunami diary -- 12 years after the event, that page still ranks as #1 in a Google search for tsunami diary ... and without advertising. Content really is important.


I began a blog, which has remained dormant since I moved to Penang. And I took the smoking photo below.

A strong call-to-action traditionally goes here, but really, you know if your business can benefit from better words and photos ...

I'll be at my desk

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